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Located just 60 miles off the coast of Northwest Africa, are the Canary Islands. We spent a couple of weeks here in March, visiting the islands of Tenerife and La Gomera.

Getting amazing views of Mount Everest from Gokyo Ri, in Nepal.

Hiking in the Drakensburg mountains of South Africa!

South Africa: Kruger National Park. day 1

South Africa: Kruger National Park. day 2

Moorea Vlog: One of my favorite places on earth

French Polynesia: The Atoll.  This place was so amazing, I'm keeping it a secret!

French Polynesia: Mataiva Vlog.  This place was unlike any other. So stunning! 

We spent a month exploring Argentina, Chile, and Easter Island

I flew over to Bimini for the weekend to dive with the Great Hammerhead sharks and also to test out my new Ikelite housing for my Panasonic Lumix GH5. 

I spent a few weeks driving around Northern Norway, visiting the Lofoten Islands, Senja Island and also the Southwest Fjords.  The scenery was absolutely stunning.

What an incredible summer I had! I was witness to so much beauty! This is drone footage that I shot during my holiday in Europe (including Iceland, the Faroe Islands & the UK). I hope you enjoy.

This is a Timelapse/Hyperlapse video I put together from my recent holiday in Asia.  I used approximately 4,300 still photos to create this video. 

I wanted to share some of our experiences from life on the motor yacht Blue Star.

Watch in HD

I wanted to make a video for this trip, but without taking video, so I used around 5,145 still frames and assembled them to make this video, using Time-lapse and Stop Motion photography. 

Video of my travels in May/June 2014

Locations: Kauai and Arno Atoll, Marshall Islands.

Lord Howe Island 

May 2015

Diving Isla Wolf, Galapagos.

Iran, Pakistan, North Korea

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