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Internment Camps in the USA

Spoiler alert: They're already here

Download this PDF document. It is from the US Department of Defense and was leaked in 2013. I highlighted some of the more important parts. See my notes on the following pages of the document:

see pages...










Download PDF • 3.87MB

Basically, under the guise of a national emergency, the President has executive power (no one gets to vote on this) just in case millions of "immigrants" were to cross the border, they built all these camps to feed and house them? Or a natural disaster? Or better yet, a national emergency like a Pandemic. The reality is, these were built to imprison USA citizens (see note about Social Security numbers in the document), those who don't follow the party line , for example, the unvaccinated. Pay attention to my notes in this document below and remember, they speak of "escape attempts", "use of deadly force", "psychological operations officers", "Barbed wire fences"...this is not for refugees or natural disasters, they are very clearly prison camps, designed to keep people from escaping.

Also in 2009 this bill passed in Congress, H.R. 645 It allows the Department of Homeland Security to Establish "Emergency Centers" in old military installations.

See Bill H.R. 645

national emergency centers on military installations BILLS-111hr645ih
Download PDF • 143KB

See the CDC's own guidelines about COVID-19 camps. I haven't quite figured out whether they will "shield" the vaxxed from the unvaxxed, or vice versa.

This is only the tip of the iceberg folks.

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